I'm looking to build and publish a latex document every time I advance the tip of a specific branch.

I'm looking at what hook I should be putting my build script and which conditions I need to check for.

  • I've been thinking about doing the exact same thing with Git and LaTeX. But I'm afraid of a few things: 1. keeping the PDFs will make my repo size bloat very quickly. 2. LaTeX errors in the source. To make sure everything runs correctly, I'd have to re-pull the archive and check the PDF. Too much work. – Mica Nov 10 '09 at 17:43
  • I have a pre-commit hook that rejects any commit that won't build error free. I checkout the index and run my test, essentially -draftmode -halt-on-error and just reject commit if that doesn't exit with 0 status. I don't keep the pdf in the repo. – Flame Nov 10 '09 at 19:25

Probably a little late... but you can find out which branch was committed to by using

if [ `git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD` = "master" ]; then

in you script when you checked out the branch to commit in it.

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  • i get "remote: [: 4: master: unexpected operator" with that command. Its actually a single '=' sign. I would add to that, for the git beginners like me that you have to use that like this : "if [ git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD = "master" ]; then git instructions or w/e here fi " – Gab Feb 21 '12 at 2:20

If changes are coming in via a push to a remote, then on the remote server you'll want to use the post-receive hook (though if you use pre-receive then you can reject the push if, say, latex fails).

If you're using your local repository you should use post-commit (or pre-commit if you want to be able to reject the commit).

The hooks are documented in the git hooks man page.

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  • In my post-commit, how to i find out which branch was committed to? – Flame Nov 10 '09 at 7:15
  • Oh also, will this trigger on a merge or fast-forward? – Flame Nov 10 '09 at 7:18

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