@ResponseBody returns

[{"id":1010,"name":"projectname2"}] type json string

But I need a following json string


so how can I concat age attrribute to default genarated json string ?

Im using java spring-mvc framework with spring-json jar

@RequestMapping(value = "/projectsByEmployeeId/list", method = RequestMethod.GET, produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE)
public List<Project> getProjectsByEmployeeId(
        HttpServletRequest request) {
    String filter = request.getParameter("filter");
    FilterAttributes[] filterAttributes = null;
    try {
        filterAttributes = new ObjectMapper().readValue(filter,
    } catch (Exception exception) {
        logger.error("Filtering parameter JSON string passing failed",

    if ((filterAttributes != null)
            && (!filterAttributes[0].getStringValue().isEmpty())) {
        return utilityService.getProjectsByEmployeeId(44L);//this is an example id
    } else {
        return utilityService.getProjects();
  • +1 for including the language that you are using - i'll see if i can get an answer soon edit: are you using Gson, or regular JSONObject's ? – ddavison Jun 11 '13 at 13:41
  • How are you generating that JSON (the method code)? Can you paste it? – acdcjunior Jun 11 '13 at 13:46
  • yes im using regular JSONObject in java – Madura Harshana Jun 11 '13 at 13:55
  • but you said without using any library? – ddavison Jun 11 '13 at 13:55

Another way to accomplish this is pure string manipulation -

String json = "[{\"id\":1010,\"name\":\"projectname2\"}]";
json = json.substring(0, json.length() - 2); //strip the }]

String newJSON = json.concat(",\"age\": 21}]"); // add in the new key and end

System.out.println(newJSON); // [{"id":1010,"name":"projectname2","age": 21}]

Another way to accomplish this (you say that you are using JSONObject's now, and JSONObjects are NOT a default library)

Take the string,


And convert it to a JSONObject.

Once converted, you can use JSONObject.append() to append the key "age" with value "21" to it.

  • I have updated my code. I need to add new attribute before return it. how can I add it ? – Madura Harshana Jun 11 '13 at 14:22

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