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  1. Two super admin SA1 SA2
  2. Update button will apear on dashboard when they log into the admin side.


When SA1 click on Update Button it will take 15 minutes to complete the task, Consider while the process in progress,& SA2 logs in he should come to know SA1 already clicked on update button, until unless it finish off, SA2 can not click on it.

What I did

Created table 'button_status' [id, status('complete','incomplete')] whenever SA1 or SA2 clicks on update button i am inserting new record with status as'incomplete' value, until that i am showing process in progress with loading image and disabled the update button for both SA1 & SA2, once process get finishes after 10 mints i am updating status for last record to 'complete'. and removing loading image and making update button enable.
Everything is Working fine, problem is loading image or disabled button for other admin who did not clicked on update button, i am not able remove it as for that i need to refresh the page. Is there any ways to show completed automatically whenever for other admin without refreshing the page after 'complete' status updated in db ?


There are three ways of getting it straight.

AJAX Comet

This involves client-server implementation where client responds to events on server. More on AJAX Comet. One of solution I have used is meteor server. It was relatively simple to setup, but you need access server to configure it your way. It has been discontinued though.


  • You update page only when there is change. Thus taking off load of your server.
  • Little or no latency


  • Configuration of server-client
  • Time consuming implementation

Timed Polling

You can poll your server once a period of time for changes. You ask custom script to return locked records in JSON or XML. Based on that you update button statuses with javascript. Deeper it is discussed Reload AJAX data every X minutes/seconds, jQuery


  • Easy and fast implementation


  • Adds additional load on server
  • Still has some latency

Leave it as is

If that is administrative interface and frustration on clicking already locked record is not big deal, I would leave it as it is.

One more

I found interesting solution for live data applications http://meteor.com/, their SO tag, but currently they have only mongodb support.

  • @icebreaker.I did the same thing wat u said 'eave it as it is', but i hope there is simple solution for this..! – jsduniya Jun 12 '13 at 8:01
  • @SiddeshBhalke currently I do not know simple cross browser solution. – icebreaker Jun 12 '13 at 8:06
  • upvoted ur answer, but this is just suggestion, i did is same as ur telling. but sending ajax request per every mints increasing lot of load on server..! probably not a bad solution.! – jsduniya Jun 12 '13 at 9:23
  • It depends on count of users. If you have 100 admins, comet is way to go, if 2 then refresh ;) – icebreaker Jun 12 '13 at 9:25

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