I have a UITableView with some rows that are allocated dynamically. When I tap on a row I will go to another TableView using a push Segue, how do I change the second table view title to the cell name of the first table view cell that was tapped?


Just use the following code inside tableViewDidSelectRowAtIndexPath method

UITableViewCell *cell=[tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:indexPath];
NSString *title=cell.textLabel.text;

Now you can pass the string title to the next table view.

  • I tried this and passed the title in the prepareForSegue but the title doesn't change immediately, it changes after i go back to the first table and tap on the cell again – Cochioras Bogdan Jun 12 '13 at 11:55

I made a string where i stored the cell title in tabeViewDidSelectRowAtIndexPath and I passed it in the prepareForSegue but the title string but when I tapped on the cell the first method to be called was prepareForSegue and the string would get instantiated after that so i called

[self performSegueWithIdentifier: @"nameOfSegue" sender: self];

in tabeViewDidSelectRowAtIndexPath and it worked.

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