Is it right that 'System.Threading.Thread' douesn't exist in Windows Store Apps? And if it is, what is the replacement (I want to run a function in the background so the UI douesn't freez while calculating something). Language is C# and XAML for the UI.

  • That works. I think I should practise to Google better, because I really didn't found anything there... – jalgames Jun 12 '13 at 12:05

Use Task.Run or Task.Factory.StartNew

private void BackgroundWork() { ... }

public async Task DoUsefulWorkAsync()
    // Do useful work
    // Start Background Job
    Task backgroundWorkTask = Task.Run(() => BackgroundWork());

    // Do more useful work

    // Wait async for BackgroundWork to complete
    // It won't block the UI thread that we're running on
    await backgroundWorkTask;

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