I just upgraded from SSMS 2005 to 2012. Previously, I could hit CTRL+R and the Query Results windows would disappear.

After I upgraded to SSMS I ran a query and, out of habit, hit CTRL+R. Nothing happened. At the bottom of SSMS I noticed that the status bar was reporting "(Ctrl+R) was pressed. Waiting for the second key of chord..."

After checking out the details of this keyboard shortcut in the MSDN documentation, I found out that CTRL+R was suppose to hide the resulting window as I had suspected. However, my SSMS isn't behaving as documented.

Is there a way that I can restore this keyboard shortcut to hide my Query Result window?

  1. Open the Tools menu select Options...
  2. Under the Environment node click on the Keyboard node
  3. Click the Reset button
  4. Click Yes on the dialog that pops up

That should solve your issue. If not please add a comment to this thread with details about your issue.

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    This worked. The really odd thing is, I did a fresh install and not, techincally, a real upgrade. I don't recall the installer ever asking to import any settings and, if it did, my SSMS should have behaved as normal. Regardless, this has fixed my issue. – RLH Jun 13 '13 at 11:31
  • @Charles : Yes, It worked for me. Thanks Up Vote for you !! :) – Gaurav123 Feb 27 '14 at 6:48
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    This worked for me, too. But I did need to restart SSMS. – gligoran Mar 19 '15 at 11:03
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    Worked for me in SSMS2014 – Royi Namir Jan 5 '17 at 7:33

This is missing in SSMS 2016 as well, assign it manually as shown below. Assign shortcut to show/hide Result Pane

  • ALT+R sounds good while setting the new shortcut, and instead of using Global option, SQL Query Editor sounds sensible. – ashubuntu Feb 25 at 5:59

In my case, under Keyboard Settings, I searched for Window.ResultsPane. My default keyboard shortcut was Ctrl + R, and doing Ctrl + R was not working for me. I have set it to Ctrl + R, Ctrl + R and now it's working fine for me. Doing a reset is not a good idea since it would be removing any and all custom settings set by the user.


Right-click the Toolbar -> Customize -> Commands -> Reset All -> (I recommend re-start of SSMS) This worked for me in ms sql 2012


If the previous answers does not help,

Use Ctrl+ ALT+ Shift + R this is already set in SSMS 2012.

This one worked for me..


I have checked it on my SSMS2012 and it works, but I have clean install. The reason might be the upgrade from 2005. You can try re-setting the shortcuts/toolbar settings by

Right-click the Toolbar -> Customize -> Commands -> Reset All -> (I recommend re-start of SSMS)

If it will not help try to assign Ctrl+R to "Window.ShowResultsPane" command. I develop an add-in for SSMS - SSMSBoost, it has lots of good features and one of small ones is dumping all registered Commands with their shortcuts. So, on my machine I found out Ctrl+R to be registered in following contexts to same command:

SQL Query Editor::Ctrl+R    Window.ShowResultsPane
MDX Query Editor::Ctrl+R    Window.ShowResultsPane
DMX Query Editor::Ctrl+R    Window.ShowResultsPane
XMLA Query Editor::Ctrl+R   Window.ShowResultsPane

SSMSBoost will also allow you to re-assign the shortcut to these values, or you can use native SSMS2012 keyboard shortcut editor.

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