For some reasons I'm using an Iframe to display googlemaps, when I want to change it's content I'm just changing the Iframe src using JQuery.

$('#ggMap').attr('src', 'http://newurl.com');

Apparently it's not doing anything on Internet Explorer.

Does anyone know how I could do the same thing with IE?


You can set the src of an IFrame with javascript, so I guess there is a script error preventing IE from working properly.

Have you debugged the script?

  • not sure why this would be checked as a solution. Changing the src with javascript just doesn't work in IE. – Gullbyrd Feb 22 '14 at 13:54

Not sure about jQuery, but regular javascript would be something like:

document.getElementById('ggMap').src = 'http://newurl.com';

I found that I had the same problem with IE8 and changing the src via jQuery/JS didn't work like this. What I now do is actually use jQuery.clone() to clone the iframe, then change it's src, then remove the original iframe and insert the clone...

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