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Is there a way to change the comment of a particular old(not latest/one behind) commit which is already pushed to the remote repository in git? There are no changes in the content of the commit. I only need to change the comment which I made which is a total error!


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  • Have other people already pulled from your repo? If not you could rebase and do a git push --force – FDinoff Jun 13 '13 at 2:55

I'm not sure you're going to be able to if it's not the latest push. How do I edit an incorrect commit message in git (I've pushed)?


Maybe two ways to resolve your problem :

> If your pushed commit is the last on your branch

Remove your remote branch, "git reset --soft HEAD~1", commit with your new message, and push your branch again.

> If your pushed is in the middle of the branch

Remove your remote branch, "git rebase -i " where is your commit place, choose "edit" for your commit, and push your branch again.

Remove/Create remote branch is very tricky... So take care to prevent your team first ;)

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