We have a very large solution project for our MVC structure where I work. I am trying to filter my solution explorer down to only relevant files with a custom filter. Microsoft has an article on making a custom filter here, but when I try to build the source code they give it says one of the .NET Framework namespaces is not available (I have already reinstalled .NET). The namespace that won't resolve is: System.ComponentModel.Composition. I am hoping fixing this will allow me correctly build a filter (there are 5 errors in the project total).

I definitely have the 2012 SDK installed (you won't make it far in the tutorial without it).


The Funnel extension may be what you're looking for:

Decrease solution loading and re-compilation times dramatically by filtering projects not relevant for the current task.

The extension loads just the projects defined in filters (load filters must be defined before using them).

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You've to add reference to "System.ComponentModel.Composition" assembly. This reference is in framework 4.0.

If you've problem referencing or finding this assembly, refer to this answer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/6310236/2617201

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