Can any one tell me how to turn off automatic outlining in Visual Studio? Outlining is the feature that collapses code into programmer defined regions.

In my opinion, there are precious few circumstances where outlining is useful. Yes, it makes large files easier to navigate, but mostly it obscures complexity. My preference would be to have this feature turned off by default when opening a source file.

  • Do you mean folding? – Jed Smith Nov 10 '09 at 16:27
  • Like two other posters, I found Options/Text Editor/C#/Advanced, but I can't find it for other document types. Good question. – David Nov 10 '09 at 16:31
  • Thanks for the question & answer of course. This is a good read – kenny Feb 20 at 13:02
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In Visual Studio, go to Tools > Options > Text Editor > C# > Advanced

Clear the checkbox Enter outlining mode when files open

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Was driving me nuts. For others that find this by Googling: CTRL-M-O will collapse and CTRL-M-P will expand. – Kyle West Jun 10 '11 at 12:20
  • In VS 2010 it's under language/Formatting – Kurt Mar 16 '15 at 17:01
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    Hmm. This appears to completely turn the feature on/off for me rather than just turning off automatic outlining. – MikeTheLiar Sep 9 '15 at 14:10

Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> C# -> Advanced -> Outlining.

For VB it's Tools - Options - Text Editor - Basic - VB Specific - Enable outlining mode

For VS2008, it's under Tools – Options – Text Editor – C/C++ - Formatting - Enter outlining mode when files open.

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