I have updated to django 1.5 and am getting the following message:

SuspiciousOperation: Invalid HTTP_HOST header (you may need to set ALLOWED_HOSTS): localhost:8000

I have tried localhost,, localhost:8000 in ALLOWED_HOSTS. I have also tried ['*'] all without success.

Anybody any ideas where I am going wrong? Works as expected with DEBUG=False

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    Give a try to ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['localhost', '']. Hope that helps. – alecxe Jun 13 '13 at 17:49
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    What about a string: ALLOWED_HOSTS = "*" – aemdy Jun 13 '13 at 18:16
  • Thanks both for responses, I have tried and just retried both the suggestions without success, I get the same suspiciousoperation. I am thinking that if "*" does not work then there must be something configured incorrectly elsewhere? – Mathew Jun 14 '13 at 8:12
  • Please note that contrary to @alecxe comment above localhost will not work in ALLOWED_HOSTS - see regex for host sanity check github.com/django/django/blob/… – bmihelac Oct 10 '13 at 8:53

Resolved. I had deploy settings in a different file overriding the allowed_hosts in settings.py. Appologies missed this before posting. Thanks for the responses received.

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