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I've been trying for a few weeks to run an ant script at a specific time each week to deploy a war file across many servers thats generated by cruise control from our SVN check-ins. The war file builds fine at every check in, but I cant seem to get the deploy script to automate.

I've tried something like this in config.xml :

<project name="deploy" requireModification = "false">


<compound includeTriggerChanges="false">
     <scheduleTrigger time="15:28" buildCondition="ForceBuild" name="Scheduled">

                <ant buildfile = "deploy.xml" useLogger = "true"/>

And this without any triggers:

            <ant day = "Thursday" time = "1552" buildfile = "call-Auto-Deploy.xml" useLogger = "true"/>

But niether seems to be running. Is there something I'm missing from my Project config?

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It looks like the clock on the server I was using was really off, this worked:

            <ant day = "Thursday" time = "1552" buildfile = "call-Auto-Deploy.xml" useLogger = "true"/>
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