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I have the job of going through another's code and I'm trying to figure it all out when I came across this for loop.

//I don't understand the purpose of assetLoop
assetLoop: for (AssetObject asset : assets) {

     //Some code

I've never seen this syntax and I can't find any reference to it anywhere through my google searches. Can anyone tell me what assetLoop: is doing? Or simply give me the name of this concept so I can do some non-mindless googling and read about it? :)

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This is called a label.

It allows you to write break assetLoop from a nested loop to break out of the outer loop.

It's essentially a limited form of goto, and is rarely used.


It's a label. You can put them on any statement. break assetLoop; will break out of that loop, even if the break statement is within another for, while, do-while or switch statement. Similarly continure assetLoop; will jump to the next iteration of the loop.

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