i have the following code, please let me know how to create the instance at runtime without specifying the type while coding.

MyObject productobject = something.

i need the object of type


Generally i can create the object is below:

 AccessValuesFrom<long,double> accessData=productobject.ElementInfo.GetAccessValues<double>(something, something);

but i need the AccessValuesFrom at run time. long is pre-defined. how to create the instances for such type when there is no direct way of creating the instance(my situation i have to call

  productobject.ElementInfo.GetAccessValues<double>(something, something)

to create the instace.

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    What information do you have at runtime to indicate the generic type you need? – Ergwun Jun 14 '13 at 4:52

If you have a Type object at this point, you can implement GetAccessValues like this:

object GetAccessValues(Type type, something, something)
     var result = Activator.CreateInstance(
           typeof(AccessValuesFrom<,>).MakeGenericType(typeof(long), type));
     //do something with something
     return result;

also it'll be good to create an interface for all generic AccessValuesFrom with common methods in it.

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