What is the best method in jQuery to add an additional row to a table as the last row?

Is this acceptable?

$('#myTable').append('<tr><td>my data</td><td>more data</td></tr>');

Are there limitations to what you can add to a table like this (such as inputs, selects, number of rows)?

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    Thxs Ash. I too am just learning jQuery and finding it hard to figure out the best way, especially simple things. The reason they are as 2 questions is because I posted one and then almost an hour later I realized I should have put the other one in and didn't think I should change the first. – Darryl Hein Oct 6 '08 at 5:53
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    Because of this: google.com/search?q=jquery+add+table+row – Darryl Hein Oct 5 '09 at 22:54
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    FYI - Avoid using multiple appends (slows down performance tremendously), rather build up your string or use JavaScript join which is much faster. – Gerrit Brink Apr 16 '10 at 9:32
  • see: stackoverflow.com/a/50365764/7186739 – Super Model May 16 '18 at 8:24
  • Just in case if row is too complex, what I do is, keep first row hidden with required structure, make a clone and modify text and insert after first row, this way if you fetch data from ajax response your table will be created, remember clone it outside the loop, then use it to modify content inside loop. $("#mainTable tbody").append(row); row is the modified clone copy :) – Aadam May 16 '18 at 12:00

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Add tabe row using JQuery:

if you want to add row after last of table's row child, you can try this

$('#myTable tr:last').after('<tr>...</tr><tr>...</tr>');

if you want to add row 1st of table's row child, you can try this

$('#myTable tr').after('<tr>...</tr><tr>...</tr>');

This could also be done :

$("#myTable > tbody").html($("#myTable > tbody").html()+"<tr><td>my data</td><td>more data</td></tr>")
  • That seems quite complicated and maybe even slower for the browser/JS to deal with as it needs to parse a lot more HTML. – Darryl Hein Mar 30 '17 at 15:07

TIP: Inserting rows in html table via innerHTML or .html() is not valid in some browsers (similar IE9), and using .append("<tr></tr>") is not good suggestion in any browser. best and fastest way is using the pure javascript codes.

for combine this way with jQuery, only add new plugin similar this to jQuery:

$.fn.addRow=function(index/*-1: add to end  or  any desired index*/, cellsCount/*optional*/){
    if(this[0].tagName.toLowerCase()!="table") return null;
    var i=0, c, r = this[0].insertRow((index<0||index>this[0].rows.length)?this[0].rows.length:index);
    for(;i<cellsCount||0;i++) c = r.insertCell(); //you can use c for set its content or etc
    return $(r);

And now use it in whole the project similar this:

var addedRow = $("#myTable").addRow(-1/*add to end*/, 2);

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