I'm looking for an easy/fast way of getting an array of ids from a Active Record relation.

Currently i have:

product_ids = Product.select(:id).where(:colour => 'blue').all.map{|p|p.id}

But that's messy and requires a map..

Something like this would be cooler:

product_ids = Product.where(:colour => 'blue').ids

Any ideas?

Thanks :)

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    Pluck is the best solution here but just as a btw: instead of map{|p| p.id} can you write map(&:id). This is true for all enumerators (each, any?, select, reject etc.), and will call the symbol on each object it loops through.
    – jokklan
    Jun 14, 2013 at 8:06
  • oh yeah, i knew about map(&:id) just had a mental blank when writing this up :P
    – complistic
    Jun 14, 2013 at 8:10

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A little bit more neat solution:

Product.where(:colour => 'blue').pluck(:id)

In recent versions of Rails the ids method can be used.

Product.where(color: 'blue').ids

Have been reading through the rails 4 docs and it looks like they support the ids method that I said would be cool in the question now.


Nice to know the team are reading my mind :)


To build on the previous answers, if you are working through an association, you can just append _ids to the query.

So in your example, if a Supplier has_many Products, then:


would return your array of product ids that belongs to the supplier.

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