I have the following XML

<process id="test">

<process id="test2">


I do get the correct values from the attributes but I want to have them separated on by a new line for further processing.

When using the command

xmlstarlet sel -t -v "count(process/@id" "example.xml)"

I can see the two are separated because it does return 2

The command used to retrieve the attributes is the following

xmlstarlet sel -t -v "process/@id" "example.xml"

Question :

Can the output be returned with a new line for each attribute? If not could it be done with xmllint?


I was looking at this for 2 days and i found the following page:


This clarified a lot to me

I have used the following command to achieve the line breaks

xmlstarlet sel -t -m "process" -n -v "@id" "example.xml"
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    To get newlines with the -n flag, the -m option is required. I.e. when you use sel -t -c "expression" -n some.xml, instead use sel -t -m "expression" -c "." -n some.xml. – phobic Oct 14 '15 at 9:34

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