This does not make sense.

I am using Paypal Payments Advance, using the hosted checkout pages.

I am following this in setting it up:

I use cURL to grab a Secure Token (RESULT=0, RESPMSG=Approved, I get back SECURETOKEN AND SECURETOKENID as expected)

I Use my paypal manager login, and user (user I created, with API_FULL_TRANSACTIONS). I verify PARTNER, VENDOR, USER, PWD are all correct, TRXTYPE = S, CREATESECURETOKEN = Y, and pass a 36 length random hash. Transaction Process Mode is Test.

When I go to test (cURL URL grabbing secure token from https:// and then posting to https:// (yes, there is a space between / and p due to me not being able to post links)

I get the following error:

[RESPMSG] => Invalid merchant information: 10002-You do not have permissions to make this API call
[RESULT] => 5

Not sure what this is. According to Paypal Manager, it says: Status: Your account is currently in ACTIVE status. You can run both live and test transactions.

When using the live checkout, using a real credit card, posting to: https: // (again, I know the space is there)

I get this response (I took out my information and replaced it with j or whatever):

    [TYPE] => S
    [STATE] => NV
    [BILLTOEMAIL] => j
    [BILLTONAME] => j j
    [LASTNAME] => j
    [PNREF] => E09P2DF86729
    [TENDER] => CC
    [EMAIL] => j
    [PHONE] => 5555555555
    [METHOD] => CC
    [AMT] => 0.01
    [ZIP] => 99999
    [RESPMSG] => Field format error: Secure Token Not found
    [COUNTRY] => US
    [BILLTOZIP] => j
    [BILLTOCITY] => j
    [TAX] => 0.00
    [FIRSTNAME] => j
    [AVSDATA] => XXN
    [SECURETOKENID] => 1c370788b7cfd3eb23847421918249e8
    [CITY] => j
    [BILLTOPHONE] => 9999999999
    [NAME] => j j
    [RESULT] => 7
    [ADDRESS] => j

Says Secure Token Not Found, despite, the SECURETOKEN being RIGHT THERE in the response (QmJyCnGu4X0CEOpHv0eJCGAFV). I have verified that the SECURETOKEN is being sent prior to posting to paypal.

I am not sure where to go from here.

Edit: In more testing, if I go through my checkout process, and INSTEAD of directly entering in a Credit Card, I login with one of my sandbox paypal accounts, and pay with a credit card (the same credit card I use to directly pay), it seems to work fine, and i get a RESULT=0. but the problem seems to lie if I directly pay with a Credit/Debit Card directly on the page.

To fix the 'Field format error: Secure Token Not found' error log in to PayPal Manager, go to Service Settings, click Set Up, scroll down, and set "Enable Secure Token" to "Yes".

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