What does img[class*="align"] mean in CSS?

I have seen this in many stylesheets, but I'm not sure why it's used and what it does. Any idea?


It's an attribute selector which matches any img tag class text including "align". For instance, it would match any of the following:

<img class="dummy align test" />
<img class="test align-1" />
<img class="hello-align" />
<img class="abaligncd" />
<img class="align" />

From the documentation (linked above):

E[foo*="bar"] - an E element whose "foo" attribute value contains the substring "bar"

This is used in popular CSS frameworks to style multiple similar classes without having to add a new identical class to each. For instance, if we had the following markup:

<p class="central para-red">Hello, world!</p>
<p class="para-green bold">Hello, world!</p>
<p class="para-blue">Hello, world!</p>
<p>Hello, world!</p>

We could apply styling to all of the p elements whose class contains "para-" without having to manually type all the variations by simply using:

p[class*="para-"] { ... }

Here is a JSFiddle example of this in use.


It will match all img elements that have a class that contains align.

The spec, has more information on this:

W3 Spec on CSS selectors

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