I recently purchased a mac and am trying to get junit tests working on Eclipse. I am using the latest Galileo, but for some reason there is no option to "run as junit" on the tests. What am I doing wrong? There's no JUnit view panel either. However I went into the "About Eclipse" thing and it said JUnit is installed. I also port installed junit.


I accidentally downloaded the wrong distribution, which did not contain junit. Consider getting the Java EE edition - it has junit.


Are you in the right perspective? JUnits show up for me.


You can try opening the runtime configuration menu (do Run>Run as...) and see if JUnit shows up. If not, try running a software update and pull JUnit down.


Is your test project configured to use the correct version of junit? Check the java build path of the project.

Also are you tests specified correctly? Using the @Test annotation for junit 4 etc? I just hit this problem a few minutes ago.

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