Is there an easy way to search through all of sidekiq (queues, retries, schedules, etc) for a specific job?

Currently I'm doing this:

if !Sidekiq::Queue.new("feeds").find {|j| j.args[0] == feed.id && j.args[1] == true }
  if !Sidekiq::RetrySet.new.find {|j| j.queue == 'feeds' && j.args[0] == feed.id && j.args[1] == true }
    if !Sidekiq::ScheduledSet.new.find {|j| j.queue == 'feeds' && j.args[0] == feed.id && j.args[1] == true }

But given how large queues can get, there's a chance the job could move between sets during the iteration and get missed.


Seems like you want to know your job's status at some moment after spawning it, also you keep its id. There are a couple of plugins exactly for that, they have similar functionality and virtually the same name:

Sidekiq::Status - I was its original author, now it's supported by more apt Ruby developers

SidekiqStatus - an alternative

[edit] the above may be outdated by now, just check Sidekiq's wiki to find queue/status management that suits you best: https://github.com/mperham/sidekiq/wiki/Related-Projects


Or you could do something like this, if you don't want to store JID:

ss = Sidekiq::ScheduledSet.new
rs = Sidekiq::RetrySet.new
qs = Sidekiq::Queue.new('feeds')

feed.sync if [ss, rs, qs].all?{ |s| s.none?{ |j| (j.klass == 'SomeWorker') && (j.args[0] == feed.id) && (j.args[1] == true) } }

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