I recently made a switch to Jekyll, published on my VPS. After giving markdown a try, I still prefer to author posts in HTML which it does just fine.

In my _config.yml I previously set markdown: redcarpet, but it seems redundant to require this when I author HTML. Is there a way to have Jekyll not pass my HTML posts through a markdown parser, and potentially save rendering time?

Several answers here address enabling/disabling markdown partials, but not disabling markdown entirely.

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You don't need to disable markdown, just don't name a file as *.md, *.markdown which will be recognized as a markdown file.

  • Originally my files were all saved as .md, but I changed them to .html. It didn't make any change to the rendering time, so I thought maybe it's still going through a markdown parser. Jun 14, 2013 at 15:42

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