I have a profile database, and I have selected a column of int(10) to store the phone number. So when I enter the 10 digit phone number, it returns a warning #1264, saying the value is out of range.

I increased the int(250) but I still get the same error. Why??!



You are storing a phone as an integer, which has an upper limit. The maximum value for 32-bit signed integers is 2147483647, so if your phone number is larger than that, you'll get an out of range warning. I'd suggest to change your field to a VARCHAR with a size of 10, as an integer isn't a good field type to represent phone numbers.


The largest value for an int field is 2147483647. Make it a BIGINT, or use a VARCHAR field if you need even bigger values. It is quite common to use a textual fields (varchar) for phone numbers anyway.

See: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/integer-types.html

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