My prestashop has a problem with Turkish characters. I tried different things like changing font in classes/pdf PDFGenerato.php from helvetica to freeserif. I tried different character sets But couldn't find a right combinnation of them :( Someone in a forum suggested that font sets should be changed so I backuped \tools\fpdf\fonts and installed that fonts.zip package but nothing changed :( What should i do?


I was having the same issue with arabic characters. I even reported the bug, but did not get any reply from there


PS is using tcpdf behind the scene for generating PDF invoices. The tcpdf coming with PS has some missing fonts, which you need to place there. Download tcpdf . In the download you will see a fonts folder. Compare that folder with the PS tools/tcpdf/fonts folder and you will see the missing fonts. Copy and paste that folder to tools/tcpdf .

Next change the fonts at your classes accordingly and i hope it will work for you. For me it fixed the issue, but did the currency text ( ر يال ) was not displaying correctly.

Also checkout the example files coming with the tcpdf download.

Thank you

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