I have one tab by default (tab1) New tabs are generated , equal to 'No of rooms'. The dynamically generated tabs have same structure as of the default tab. I don't know the name of textfields of newly generated tabs. How can I find the name of jtexfields generated on tab at run time so I can use .getText()

I cant use images to explain my problem unless I have 10 rep. SO I am posting link from Daniweb I am not sure if this is allowed or not.

Sorry I forgot to add the code

   int no_room = Integer.parseInt(jTextField6.getText());
   for(int i = 1 ; i<no_room; i++)
   int c = jTabbedPane5.getTabCount();
   jTabbedPane5.addTab("tab "+(i+1), jTabbedPane5.getTabComponentAt(c-1));

EDIT 2: More Details

I am building a desktop app 'Builder app'.

In there I ask client how many rooms he want in his house.
He says, for example 3 rooms.
Now at run time I generate 3 tabs (using the code above) for entering details of each room.
Each newly generated tab is exact copy of my 'default tab'.
Tabs consists of four textfields, now as with many other amateurs I have no idea how to retrieve values from these dynamically generated Textfields.
So here I am asking you to help me by telling me how can I use the .getText() method with these dynamically generated textfields , when I don't know their names.

I have seen similar questions but none has used tabs.

http://static.daniweb.com/images/attachments/3/ebbc1e39377be620031e5fe5d93f7940.jpg http://static.daniweb.com/images/attachments/3/9577a07941c9116964dcb07c32a702c4.jpg http://static.daniweb.com/images/attachments/3/97e62dfd97cb0230dad2e2df9783b935.jpg

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Getting values from dynamically generated jTabbedPane

I think that one way to approach your problem is not to think in terms of adding new tabs to a JTabbedPane and instead think of creating and adding new objects to your program. Please consider the following suggestions:

  • Create a class that creates the JPanel that is held and displayed by each tab of the JTabbedPane. For discussion purposes, let's call the class RoomDetailPanel
  • When you create a new tab, do so, and then give it a new RoomDetailPanel object to display.
  • Create a class that holds the JTabbedPane and which is responsible for creating the tabs and the RoomDetailPanel objects. For discussion purposes, let's call this the ClientDetailPanel.
  • Give the ClientDetailPanel a collection of RoomDetailPanels, perhaps an ArrayList<RoomDetailPanel>.
  • Whenever a new tab and RoomDetailPanel object are created, add the RoomDetailPanel object to the above ArrayList.
  • When you want to extract all of the information that has been entered by the user, use a for loop to iterate through the ArrayList, querying each RoomDetailPanel object for the information it contains.

Good God, in pursuit of trying to explain my problem as clearly as possible I even posted images.

We're frustrated because even with your code snippet and your images, we still can't suss exactly where you may be stuck. This is why we are continually asking for more information and clarification and which is why I can give you general overall advice, but cannot give you specific code advice. In the future, consider creating and posting an sscce to give us this greater appreciation and understanding of your problem.


I wonder if a JTable would make for a cleaner interface?

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