The new jQuery 2.0.2 adds "style" attribute to the body tag in DOM tree. Is there any specific reason?


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While this doesn't actually affect anything it's still a valid question.

The reason is this code:

// Workaround failing boxSizing test due to offsetWidth returning wrong value
// with some non-1 values of body zoom, ticket #13543
jQuery.swap( body, body.style.zoom != null ? { zoom: 1 } : {}, function() {
    support.boxSizing = div.offsetWidth === 4;

This is just a test for boxSizing support. jQuery.swap() is described in the source as:

A method for quickly swapping in/out CSS properties to get correct calculations.

body.style.zoom != null ? { zoom: 1 } : {} returns zoom: 1 if body.style.zoom is not null and an empty object if it is. The returned value is then applied to the body element which is why it has an empty style tag.

  • Actually it does for display:table type body
    – Kevin Wang
    Dec 12, 2013 at 0:57

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