Is there a command line tool to convert glyphs from a TTF file, to PNG (or some other bitmap image format)?

If there is no ready command line tool for that, how would you go about doing it from one of C++, Perl, Python or Ruby or something easily found on an Ubuntu box?


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probably partly duplicate of How can I convert TTF glyphs to .png files on the Mac for free?

imagemagick can fulfill this kind of requests, should works fine on Mac/Linux/Windows. :-)

convert -background none -fill black -font font.ttf -pointsize 300 label:"Z" z.png

if a batch convert is needed, maybe you can consider use a little ruby script called ttf2png .



Since nobody has really address the part that specifies for C++, Python, Ruby, or Perl, here is the Python3 way. I've tried to be descriptive, but you can simplify to work how you need it to.

Requirements: PIL (Pillow)

PIL's ImageDraw and ImageFont module

# pip install Pillow
from PIL import Image, ImageFont, ImageDraw

# use a truetype font (.ttf)
# font file from fonts.google.com (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Courier+Prime?query=courier)
font_path = "fonts/Courier Prime/"
font_name = "CourierPrime-Regular.ttf"
out_path = font_path

font_size = 16 # px
font_color = "#000000" # HEX Black

# Create Font using PIL
font = ImageFont.truetype(font_path+font_name, font_size)

# Copy Desired Characters from Google Fonts Page and Paste into variable
desired_characters = "ABCČĆDĐEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSŠTUVWXYZŽabcčćdđefghijklmnopqrsštuvwxyzž1234567890‘?’“!”(%)[#]{@}/&\<-+÷×=>®©$€£¥¢:;,.*"

# Loop through the characters needed and save to desired location
for character in desired_characters:
    # Get text size of character
    width, height = font.getsize(character)
    # Create PNG Image with that size
    img = Image.new("RGBA", (width, height))
    draw = ImageDraw.Draw(img)
    # Draw the character
    draw.text((-2, 0), str(character), font=font, fill=font_color)
    # Save the character as png
        img.save(out_path + str(ord(character)) + ".png")

        print(f"[-] Couldn't Save:\t{character}")

The PIL provides an API for this, but it's easy to use. Once you've got the PIL image, you can export it.


As suggested by @imcaspar, but I need it to convert icons in ttf font to png with specific sizes for ios integration

convert -background none -font my-icons-font.ttf -fill black  -size "240x240"  label:"0" +repage -depth 8 icon0@1x.png

where "0" is the character mapped for any of my icons. The extra options allowed me to have all character(icons) correctly generated as some where being cropped with regular command (+repage -depth did the job)


For my purposes I created a shell script. Works fine on macOS if ImageMagick is installed. Not sure about other platforms.



FILE_NAME=$(basename ${FONT_NAME} .ttf)"-${FONT_SIZE}.png"

read -r -d '' CHARSET << EOM

convert -font ${FONT_NAME} -pointsize ${FONT_SIZE} label:"${CHARSET}" "${FILE_NAME}"

If you need additional characters exported, you might need to adjust charset variable used in script.

Call script with TTF font file and point size as arguments, as such:

> sh ttf2png.sh alagard.ttf 20

This script will then generate a file alagard-20.png

wget http://sid.ethz.ch/debian/ttf2png/ttf2png-0.3.tar.gz
tar xvzf ttf2png-0.3.tar.gz
cd ttf2png-0.3 && make
./ttf2png ttf2png -l 11 -s 18 -e -o test.png /path/to/your/font.ttf
eog test.png&

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