After doing some stuff in Ruby on Rails with Cucumber, RSpec and Ruby BDD in general, comming back to JUnit in my Java apps feels like incredible pain to me. I just love the convenience that Ruby brings into testing.

From what I understand, it should be theoreticaly possible to use Cucumber features, or even RSpec mocking with pure Java application.

Is someone using Cucumber with Java app in production?

Last time when I tried hacking JRuby into Java was running it on Google App Engine, which actualy worked, but increased App Engine startup time by about 10 seconds, which made it quite useless.

I am not talking just about web applications.


I have gotten Cucumber working with one of our Java web based applications. The basics are I setup a Rails application, because I wanted to use Factory Girl and Active Record to create fixtures, added in Cucumber, and created a post hook that deleted all of the records from the database. It runs pretty well. I wrote up a blog post here:


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