When I have a function returning an array, I would like to get only one field, using the key.

I usually do this in 2 lines, like that :

$myArray = getArray();
$myField = $myArray[0];

Is there a way, a shortcut or something, to do this in one line ?

Per example something like that :

$myField = getArray()[0];

Yes, you need PHP > 5.4

PHP 5.4.0 offers a wide range of new features:
Function array dereferencing has been added, e.g. foo()[0].


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    Thanks, I knew I have seen (and used) something like this, but on a different server whick isn't on PHP 4. Thanks a lot. – FLX Jun 17 '13 at 10:45

on PHP 5.4 version or greater than that you can do

$myField = getArray()[0];

If you're locked into a PHP version earlier than 5.4, you could do your own quick function enabling you to do this in one line later on:

function getElement($array, $index)
   return $array[$index];


echo getElement(getArray(), 0);

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