I am trying to make a variable equal the output of query but so i can pipe to another command but its not working as i hoped. here is what i have.

$office=get-aduser "samaccountname" -properties * | select office

I already tried using sub-expressions $folder= get-aduser "samaccountname" -properties * | select '$(office)' and @{n='office';e={$_.office -replace '^office='$1'}} neither of which remove the @{office=} My goal is to get $office=office but instead i get $office=@{office=}

How do you remove the @{} from the output?

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This is what you need to do:

$office = (Get-ADUser "samAccountName" -properties office).Office


Another way (which may or may not be easier to understand) is:

$user = Get-ADUser "samAccountName" -properties office
$office = $user.office
  • Great, glad I could help.. Here we are executing the expression in the Parentheses first and then returning the value of the Office property. Revised Answer.
    – AndyMeFul
    Jun 19, 2013 at 15:18

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