I have been struggling with a very weird issue that has suddenly popped up on the latest version of Eclipse Classic (4.2.2).

Everytime I try creating or refactoring a class or subclass in any of my projects (all Java) in my Eclipse workspace I get an error at the very top of my class that says

A class file was not written. The project may be inconsistent, if so try refreshing this project and building it

Again, this happens when I create new classes. And even when I rename current classes, then undo the renaming, its totally fine, but changing a single character in the name causes this error to happen for that specific class.

I have Auto Build on, and I tried multiple times to clean and refresh every project as well as restart Eclipse entirely.

I have literally no idea how to even start figuring out how to fix this. The solutions i've found through search didn't help, so i'm hoping I might find any clues here.

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    Did you try what it suggests, which is to right-click on your project and select "refresh" ? – user1676075 Jun 17 '13 at 19:56
  • I did many times, and i'm pretty sure cleaning the project with auto build is the same thing as refreshing. – Sammy Guergachi Jun 17 '13 at 19:58
  • Did you configure anything in the build path? Maybe excluded / included classes? I will also suggest that you start a new workspace and copy the source files into it. – Elist Jun 17 '13 at 22:54
  • I tried both and there seems to be nothing different about the build path and importing to a new workplace doesnt fix the issue. – Sammy Guergachi Jun 21 '13 at 14:56
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    One very curious thing that has hit me a couple of times with Eclipse is a bug(or feature?) in Windows, where full path of a file exceeds some number of characters (512?). In this case, Eclipse will silently fail to write the file, but don't realize until later. – Krumelur Jun 24 '13 at 21:47

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I had the same problem and here's how I solved it in the end: It turned out that the disc space on the drive where workspace resides was full.

Silly mistake but worth checking.

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    This does in fact answer the question. He was saying that the solution is to have some disk space on the drive where your workspace is, which is what solved my problem. – Cammy_the_block Jul 3 '15 at 5:58
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    Eclipse should check for storage space, that is so simple to do, instead of creating that error. This solved for me too, neither cleaning/rebuilding worked (of course). Out of complete despair, he asked for a solution and this is the solution, so this answers the question. – Aquarius Power Jan 25 '16 at 23:34
  • I also just had the problem (Eclipse 4.7.3a), and in my case the cause was that a directory within the output directory (/target) lay on a faulty SSD "sector". So neither Eclipse nor Windows could write to that directory, nor delete it (e.g. with clean). After 1,5hrs of CHKDSK it worked again. – Markus Mitterauer Aug 30 '18 at 14:11

In my case, this was caused by the fact that the build output directories were owned by a different user, and Eclipse could not write into them.


Clean your workspace by starting eclipse from the command line with the -clean argument :

eclipse -clean

See also How to run eclipse in clean mode? and what happens if we do so?


We are using Eclipse here too and have to handle a workspace with more than 200 plug-ins. Every now and then people have similar problems with their workspace and inconsistencies reported in a weird way by Eclipse. What people here usually do is (next step only in case previous step didn't help): - trying to ContextMenu->Team->Clean/Refresh the whole workspace - creating a new workspace and check out all necessary files from the repository - reinstalling Eclipse to a new directory

From my experience after using the Eclipse IDE on a daily basis for many years, it doesn't make very much sense to waste too much time with these issues, unless they aren't solved by one of the steps above. It takes too much time to struggle with these things, while starting from scratch is done in an hour or less (and usually fixes the issue). If your Eclipse still behaves strangely it might make sense to go through your installed plug-ins. Not all external plug-ins follow the Eclipse guidelines and can seriously harm the performance and operational consistency of your Eclipse installation (E.g. Sonar Plug-in, Toad Plug-in, ...)


In my case this kind of error caused due to disk space got full and it got resolved by just freeing disk space where eclipse have been installed. That is c/d/e drivers.


I had the same issues, the following worked for me:

  1. Right click eclipse then running "as an Administrator"
  2. Click Project > Clean.

In my case such error was caused by a question mark in a quoted method name (I use geb+spock combination for automated testing).
So this method name will throw an error "Do you want something?"()
And this will not "Do you want something"()


It may not be the best response but to fix it, I've just delete the error marker.


Had the same issue. but cleaning the project and restart eclipse didn't help and disk space was not the issue. Solved the issue by copy the code to notepad(just to not lose it) and then delete the class, recreate it and paste the code back in again.


I solved it changed the owner of the project files. I changed from root(old owner) to user my current(user that i use with eclipse).


Just changed and saved java file to recompile the class. Then error disappeared.


I had the same issue on Mac OS X. I had a maven project.

Try running the following command on Terminal. This looks like an access issue.

sudo mvn clean

Provide password for admin user.

Then open Eclipse and refresh your project.


I come up with the same error, and in my case, this is because the permission of the project/bin directory is not recursively 775

I fixed it by:

  1. Remove the project/bin directory: sudo rm -rf project/bin
  2. Switch to Eclipse, rebuild the project: Project->Clean...

Then no errors.


I was try run


And Rebuild. My problem was resolved


For linux (Debia) and working on Spring boot project (maven):

$ sudo mvn clean

Then open Eclipse and File -> Refresh.


I had same issue, it is something similar but this post didn't help in my case. I have many inner classes which is causing the compiler to create class names with all inner class names together that is creating class name more than 255 character file limit on NTFS! read it in some other blog. I thought it will be helpful to post here.

Ex : classA$InnerClassB$......InncerClassZ.class in target folder it won't generate the class if it exceeds this limit. Try renaming your inner class name shortened. In my case i have to add InnerclassZ as its exceeding its not generating class and Eclipse complaining.

A class file was not written. The project may be inconsistent, if so try refreshing....

I shortened InnerClassZ to IClassZ fixed the issue.


I solved this problem by running Eclipse as root.


Try to launch Eclipse as Administrator.


I had the same issue and it got fixed by running eclipse in administrator mode Eclipse Shortcut-->Right click-->More-->Run as Administrator


I rand over the same issue. The problem was that the folder the class files go into, was somehow locked. If I tried to open it, it said I didn't have access. But the permissions were correctly set. I restarted the computer and everything worked again.


Before giving a try to the above solutions. Just cleaned the project and it worked.

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