Are RFID and NFC cards "universally" readable by RFID and NTC readers of the same format/standard? or do they have to be same brand/manufacturer kind of thing as one guy told me?

trying to get into this RFID /NFC thing



The short answer is: they are compatibles.

RFID uses different standards (ISO all of them):

18000–2: Air interface for 135 KHz <-- LF

18000–3: Air interface for 13.56 MHz <-- HF

18000–4: Air interface for 2.45 GHz <-- Actives

18000–5: Air interface for 5.8 GHz <-- non-commercial

18000–6: Air interface for 860 MHz to 930 MHz <-- UHF

18000–7: Air interface at 433.92 MHz <-- non-commercial

If you do some research, you will find some variations like 18000-6C for UHF, etc etc.

NFC it's a mixture of several standards as well.

ISO 14443-4

JIS 6319-4

ISO 18092

IMO, you should look for interrogators which would read the "standard" per se, and not look for a universal card or reader.

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