TortoiseGit has a GUI for running Git Bisect.

However during a bisect-session the context menu only provides 'Bisect good', 'Bisect bad' and 'Bisect reset'.

Is there a way to do 'Bisect skip' without the overhead of using the command line?


Edit: See other answer that mentions that Bisect skip is now a feature in TortoiseGit. Nicely done, TortoiseGit!

An excellent question. In fact, I found your post because I wondered the same.

I haven't found a way to do it w/o the commandline. But you can use it to do just the skip and then get back to using TortoiseGit like so:

  1. Open "git bash" from the start menu
  2. Navigate into your project
  3. Issue the command: git bisect skip (thankfully, git bash shows you the relevant bit of the revision number you are on)

It will check out a new revision, and then you can get back to testing and using TortoiseGit for "bisect good" and "bisect bad".

The extra steps aren't that odious, but I await someone coming up w/ a better answer. :o)


Starting with TortoiseGit there will be support for git bisect skip.

  • You can skip HEAD from explorer context menu
  • LogDialog will mark skipped revision
  • LogDialog allows you to skip arbitrary revisions (even multiple at once)

See https://tortoisegit.org/issue/2505

Apart from using the skip feature, you can easily reset the HEAD commit to any other commit manually using the log dialog.

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