I'm doing PHP development. And coming from a Rails background, I'm looking for a like-for-like replacement for Webrick in PHP. Is there such a light weight server? Something with minimal configuration and installation effort. Apache is actually fine. But I would like to know if there're other options. Or do most of you use Apache?


have you taken a look at lighthttpd?

  • I'll second this, I use it in place of Apache, when need be. – UnkwnTech Oct 5 '08 at 8:37
  • I've been using lighttpd exclusively for about a year now. WAY more efficient than Apache. – Eric Lamb Oct 5 '08 at 20:43

Back when Lighty was having many reports of memory leaks, someone mentioned Nginx. Ignore the ridiculous name, it's actually the best HTTPd I've ever used (and I've been using Apache since 1.1). Install PHP as FCGI rather than a module and you're golden.

  • hide comments I'll second this. easy to setup and easy to forget as it works perfectly. I have managed an instance of Nginx handling 2 Mongrels, PHP and serving static assets in the last 3 years. I just had to take care of upgrades time to time, everything works nice and fast. – lbz Oct 5 '08 at 9:29
  • 6
    Should probably mention that Lighty = lighttpd. – Christian Davén Oct 5 '08 at 10:43

You should try sng.

It is script which launches a PHP/Nginx development server quickly without any admin privileges. In is made in nodejs

You can install it very easily with :

npm install sng

You could try cherokee. It doesn't come configured with PHP out of the box, but it's easy to set up and very fast,


Most here will use apache but there are other options. IBM posted a nice long article on the subject. Not all of them will support PHP.

Of these alternatives, lighttpd is probably the most popular.


You can optimize Apache as your need. I prefer Apache for it's robustness.


Regarding do most use Apache, the answer is yes. Most servers on the web are using Apache (mostly LAMP). PRobabyly the biggest reason is because Apache is very flexible works with just about anything. It has a lot of plugins and is very configurable. It is also very fast and runs on just about anything.


I use Apache for PHP development.

On Windows I recommend installing XAMPP - it's a full pre-configured PHP/MySQL stack.

Mac OS X can be a bit trickier, but I've managed with the pre-installed setup.


Almost everyone runs PHP in Apache, hardly anyone runs it with anything else. The risk of using something else is far outweighed by the benefit of using a standard application server platform.

If you did use some other web server, will PHP will continue to support it in future releases? (this is of course a problem for Apache as well, but more likely).

In what way is Apache not "Light enough" for you?

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    PHP doesn't have to "support" a web server if you're using PHP in its FastCGI mode. Apache is much slower than many solutions out there, especially for static files. – ceejayoz Aug 10 '11 at 16:21

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