I've been trying to create a Windows Media Player plugin in Visual Studio 2008, and am having great difficulty finding the correct template. MSDN provides advice here, but it does not appear to be relevant to VS2008.

Can anyone suggest how to start a WMP plugin in Visual Studio?

EDIT: Ive accepted this answer because it worked for me, but I'm afraid it isn't the most elegant of solutions. If anyone has a better idea, please add it!

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download the platfrom SDK, it has a bunch of example examples. But none of them are likely to be updated for VS2008, but that doesn't matter too much, its easy to convert the projects.

See this post on the MSDN forums:


Basically follow the instructions here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb262326(VS.85).aspx using the VS2005 wizard.

Then edit wmpwiz.vsz so that the first line reads Wizard=VsWizard.VsWizardEngine.9.0

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