In IntelliJ IDEA, is it possible to have multiple items in your clipboard and choose which item to paste? What are the keyboard shortcuts?

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Yes, it is possible.

Whilst Ctrl + V is normally used to paste, use Ctrl + Shift + V (IntelliJ Default Key map) which will bring a pop-up of the items in the clipboard to paste.

The default size of the clipboard is 5; it will show the last five things have have been copied. The option to change this is called "Maximum number of contents to keep in clipboard". You can change it quickly by using Ctrl+Shift+A and typing the name of the setting.

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    Ctrl + Shift + V is a gem!\
    – Gaurav
    Aug 6, 2018 at 5:56
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    Unfortunately, that configuration option has disappeared from IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2, at least on Windows. (Exactly which version removed it, I don't know.) Nonetheless, it remains documented. Despite its disappearance from the GUI, the setting remains in effect on one of my machines (to which I do not have access currently). Anyone know where in the various configuration files this setting is stored? Aug 8, 2019 at 15:12
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    Just to add that on Mac the shortcut is Cmd+Shift+V Aug 9, 2019 at 7:36
  • It changed my life! 🤩
    – Matheo26
    Jul 25, 2023 at 15:14

On Windows, use CtrlShiftV and on Mac use ShiftV to see your clipboard history.

Change Stored History Size

Click ShiftShift, type Maximum number of contents to keep in clipboard, and then edit the value in the dialog.

enter image description here

To manually find the setting, open: Preferences -> Editor -> General and then in the Limits section of the main General page, increase Maximum number of contents to keep in clipboard. I changed mine to 50.

enter image description here

Alternatively, copy and paste multiple lines at once

You can select adjacent line content, random line/positions etc. with multi-caret selection.

Read how to here

enter image description here


Ctrl + Shift + V will bring up the popup like:

Press shift will help you to choose multiple paste items, then cllick OK.

enter image description here


to increase clipboard history max item: shift + shift search for 'registry' click on 'Registry...' search for 'clipboard.history.max.items' increase it's value

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