I am using unboundid ldap sdk for executing ldap query. I am facing a strange problem while running ldap search query. I am getting a Exception when i run query against a group which contains 50k entries. My Exception :

LDAPException(resultCode=4 (size limit exceeded), errorMessage='size limit exceeded')
at com.unboundid.ldap.sdk.migrate.ldapjdk.LDAPSearchResults.nextElement(LDAPSearchResults.java:254)
at com.unboundid.ldap.sdk.migrate.ldapjdk.LDAPSearchResults.next(LDAPSearchResults.java:279)

Now the strange thing is i already have set the maxResultSize to 100k in search constrains than why i am getting this error ? My code is

     ld = new LDAPConnection();
    ld.connect(ldapServer, 389);

    LDAPSearchConstraints ldsc = new LDAPSearchConstraints();

Anybody have any idea ?

  • Which LDAP server vendor? – jwilleke Jun 18 '13 at 16:41

Sorry for necroposting, but your topic with no answer is still the first in google.

Using unboundid you actually can get unlimited number of records in paging mode.

public static void main(String[] args) {

try {
    int count = 0;
    LDAPConnection connection = new LDAPConnection("hostname", 389, "user@domain", "password");

    final String path = "OU=Users,DC=org,DC=com";
    String[] attributes = {"SamAccountName","name"};

    SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequest(path, SearchScope.SUB, Filter.createEqualityFilter("objectClass", "person"), attributes);

    ASN1OctetString resumeCookie = null;
    while (true)
                new SimplePagedResultsControl(100, resumeCookie));
        SearchResult searchResult = connection.search(searchRequest);
        for (SearchResultEntry e : searchResult.getSearchEntries())
            if (e.hasAttribute("SamAccountName"))
                System.out.print(count++ + ": " + e.getAttributeValue("SamAccountName"));

            if (e.hasAttribute("name"))
                System.out.println("->" + e.getAttributeValue("name"));

        SimplePagedResultsControl responseControl =
        if (responseControl.moreResultsToReturn())
            resumeCookie = responseControl.getCookie();

catch (Exception e)



Check the server-side size limit setting. It prevails over the client-side setting which is what you're doing in your code.

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