anyone could you help me guys. this is my code

var $from=$("#fromDate").datepicker('getDate');
var $to =$("#toDate").datepicker('getDate');
   alert("from date shouldn't greater than To date");

it is working if it is two date same year year. otherwise for example fromDate='1/12/2012'(dd/mm/yyyy) toDate='18/6/2013'(dd/mm/yyyy), while you check condition, it is not working. it throws alert, which i given.


Can I suggest auto limiting your dates instead? In this example the 2nd combo box won't allow you to pick a lower date than the one you pick on the fisrt one.



      numberOfMonths: 2,

      onSelect: function(selected) {

        $("#txtToDate").datepicker("option","minDate", selected)




      numberOfMonths: 2,

      onSelect: function(selected) {

         $("#txtFromDate").datepicker("option","maxDate", selected)




Here is a working demo

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    Thanks a lot! You saved my day! – Adrian P. Aug 3 '15 at 15:19
  • I know I'm adding a comment for an old post, but is this able to work without the Jquery UI? Right now I use Jquery 1.9.1 and am trying to use datepicker but when I uncheck UI from your JSFiddle, it stops working. Any ideas? – Mkalafut Jun 8 '16 at 14:03
  • Very useful! but I want to know how to prevent select the same day in txtFromDate field? Thanks! – candlejack Jul 3 '16 at 3:43

You need to use this to get the day/month/year

var day1 = $("#datepicker").datepicker('getDate').getDate();                 
        var month1 = $("#datepicker").datepicker('getDate').getMonth() + 1;             
        var year1 = $("#datepicker").datepicker('getDate').getFullYear();

After that you can compare the values.

Date.parse(fromDate) > Date.parse(toDate)


var sDate = $('#EFT_FRM_DATE').val();
var eDate = $('#EFF_TO_DATE').val();

if (Date.parse(sDate) > Date.parse(eDate) || Date.parse(sDate) == Date.parse(eDate)) {
   ShowMessage(CurrencySetupExchangeIndex.EndDateGreaterStartDate, 'Error');
   return false;

simplified statement:

if (Date.parse(sDate) >= Date.parse(eDate)) {...

        todayBtn:  1,
        format: "dd-mm-yyyy",
        startDate: '1d',
        autoclose: true,
    }).on('changeDate', function (selected) {
        var minDate = new Date(selected.date.valueOf());
        $('#enddate').datepicker('setStartDate', minDate);
        if($('#enddate').val() !="" && ($("#enddate").datepicker("getDate") == null || Date.parse($("#enddate").datepicker("getDate"))< Date.parse($("#startdate").datepicker("getDate")))){
            var date = new Date($("#startdate").datepicker("getDate")).toLocaleDateString();
            date = date.split("/")
            date = date[0]+"-"+date[1]+"-"+date[2]
        format: "dd-mm-yyyy",
        autoclose: true,

  • An answer without an explanation or details is usually of no use to many people. It'd be great to add details on how you solved this – mw509 Mar 16 '20 at 9:11

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