I have a database of MSAccess and now i want to convert into SQLite database. Is it possible? If yes and if you have any idea related to it than please Share with me. Thanks.


you can convert it using following tools:




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    Just to let you know, the first link now appears to be dead – Mithrandir24601 Aug 4 at 18:14

if your database contains forty tables with eighty relationships, constrains you can try to use: https://github.com/arturasn/mdb2sqlite

Executable direct download: https://github.com/arturasn/mdb2sqlite/blob/master/bin/mdb2sqlite.exe


I have done this way:

  1. Export Database from MSAccess as a Text File
  2. Save this text file to your local hard disk
  3. Open SQLite data browser
  4. Create new Database
  5. Import saved text file as Import Table From CSV File
  6. Create table for database
  7. Save database


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