i am new to invoking webservice (writting client side) using apache camel (Though I know about webservice, and writting code using CXF, spring template). Could anyone please help me in providing some good links for camel implementation of invoking webservice.

i also want to ask why would I use apache camel option instead of apache CXF (using wsdl2java tool and call webservice easily).

Thank you


Here is a sample of calling a soap service using spring-ws component. You could also use cxf component to do this.


Camel is an ESB based on EIPs which provides various components(CXF being one of them) to integrate several systems. If your use case is just to consume a soap service in your application without any scope for integration then I don't pefer Camel in that case.

Thanks, Ganga

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    The link provided is not working. Do you have any alternate source by chance? – gmeka Jun 3 '14 at 23:03

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