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I want to protect /sites (recursively up to files folder or up to the last folder) so that anonymous users will not be able to download any files from there.

I've checked the .htaccess file (under /sites) and it should prompt 404 error for anonymous access, but this is no happening, instead it display all files and folder under /sites.

What should be added/changed in the .htaccess file?

For any anonymous access it should prompt users for a 404 error but unluckily this is not taking place. Please advise what to add in the .htaccess file (or other approach) to protect /sites folder recursively.

I hope I have drawn my issue clearly. Looking forward for a solution.

D7 / Centos 6

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First, you need to prevent Apache to list files (directory listing):

Secondly, you need to enable Private file storage in Drupal 7:



Please remember, that Apache doesn't know about Drupal file permissions and it will serve any file unless you tell it not to (with some exceptions).

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