heres my html form:

<label>Name:</label><input type ="text" input id="myName" /><br>
<label>Street:</label><input type="text" input id="myStreet" /><br>
<label>City:</label><input type="text" input id="myCity" /><br>
<label>State:</label> <input type="text" input id="myState" /><br>
<label>Zip:</label> <input type="text" input id="myZip" /><br>

<input type="submit" value="Submit" onclick="myAlert()">
//my myAlertFunc (from external file) 

function myAlert(){
    var person = new Person(document.getElementById('myName').value, document.getElementById("myStreet").value, document.getElementById("myCity").value, document.getElementById("myState").value, document.getElementById("myZip").value);

//and my getFullAddress proto from my Person class

Person.prototype.getFullAddress = function () {
    return ("Hi, my name is" + " " + this.name + "," + " " + "and my address is:" + " " + this.street + "," + this.city + "," + this.state + "," + this.zip);

Now, onclick, the myAlertFunc alerts the users input values. How do I display these values in my html body? I know I am supposed to use a element with just an input id and use document.getElementById(); to call that id but i have no idea what to do after that.

Thanks in advance!


The attribute you're looking for is innerHTML: http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/prop_html_innerhtml.asp

So, your code would be something along the lines of:

// alert(person.getFullAddress());
document.getElementById("resultDiv").innerHTML = person.getFullAddress();

Where "resultDiv" is the ID of the element where you want the result to display.

Good luck!


you can set the innerHTML of the element or its value if it's an input

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