I have a following test of my controller

public class RegisterUserSteps
    private AccountController _accountController = new AccountController();
    private ActionResult _result; 

    [When(@"the user goes to the register user screen")]
    public void WhenTheUserGoesToTheRegisterUserScreen()
       _result = _accountController.Register();

    [Then(@"the register user view should be displayed")]
    public void ThenTheRegisterUserViewShouldBeDisplayed()
        Assert.AreEqual("Register", _accountController.ViewData["Title"]);

it works fine but it doesn't look good because i don't want to make global/class level variables . So what could be the alternate of these variables in spec flow . Because when we go into big application and single step file contain many scenarios then it will be a mess and will be hard to manage .

Thanks in advance

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I tend to use ScenarioContext.Current["KeyName"] so that I can define steps in different classes. See the specflow documentation: sharing data between bindings for more detail and some alternatives

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