The above link contains a list of OEM USB Drivers for many manufacturers.

The android phone I want to hook up with eclipse is running Gingerbread. The manufacturer (not the one in the above list) didn't provide any USB driver (and I confirmed it from the company's side). Has anybody found themselves in the same position and found some workaround? I think custom ROM installation will also be hard without an USB driver, isn't it?


Check out this page on setting up and using a Universal Android Debug Bridge (ADB) driver. I've found it useful in the past, but not quite as clean as using the specific OEM drivers.



This is a common situation. Honestly, every time I get a new device now, I don't even bother looking for drivers, I just make one. You can follow the procedure from the answer below: https://stackoverflow.com/a/11874830/322939

  • +1 for suggesting this.. paul0-ts's seemed much easier and it worked like a charm for 4 devices in a row.. more power to you, thanks! – Matical Jun 19 '13 at 18:39

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