We have a case here where a developer creates a wrong branch. The branch should be: $\projectA\branch01\pg5Dev from $\projectA\main\pg5Dev\ but he creates a $\projectA\branch01\ from $\projectA\main\pg5Dev.

We deleted the folder and creates the branch again, but the merge relationship in merge wizard remains.

We need to know the database structure of Merge Relations ships to remove $\projectA\branch01\, because everytime we will make a merge, the worng branch is appearing in combobox of merge wizard.

Please, help us identify the tables in database that have this wrong record.


If the incorrect branch isn't needed then I would recommend destroying it. Once it is destroyed, it will no longer show up in the combobox. You can destroy it by running "tf destroy ". Note that a destroy is non-recoverable and it will delete all of the history for that branch.

  • Whilst I'm not a big fan of using "destory" I think in this instance it's the appropriate option. Just make sure you have the correct server path in the command before you run it! – James Reed Jun 20 '13 at 15:06

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