I have a project with a structure like this:



So there is one "overall" solution (that basically has references to web.csproj, web.something.csproj, other.csproj etc.....

Then, in each of the dir, there is a solution to manage that particular set of projects

My problem is with nuget.

If I open (for example) Web.sln and build, it works as expected, downloading the packages etc... storing them at the same directory level as Web.sln (in packages folder)

However, if I open MyProduct.sln - it stores them at the root (in packages folder)

Am I missing a step?

What should I be doing in this scenario?

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It sounds like your problem would be solved by explicitly specifying the repository path, as described in the NuGet Configuration Settings, for all the solutions in your project structure:

    <add key="repositorypath" value="C:\Temp" />

Allows you to install the NuGet packages in the specified folder, instead of the default "$(Solutiondir)\Packages" folder. This key can be added to the NuGet.config file manually or using the NuGet.exe Config -Set command.

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