I want the current object which is set as value to checkbox in for loop of JsRender. Below is my code.

{{for data.UserConnection}}
    <input name="checkboxlist" class="profilechkbox" type="checkbox" value={{:#view}} /><br />
    <a onclick="stateManager.renderSelectedProfileForInviteGroup({{:#index}})" title="{{:Fullname}}" class="active" href="#" >
      <img  src="{{:userDetails.ImagePath}}" width="40" height="40" /><br />

I set the value as {{:#view}} to get the current object. But I am getting [object object]. Please correct me if I am doing wrong here.


#view in JsRender is the current data object.

By writing {{:#view}} you are trying to display the object, which would appear as [object Object] in the browser.

Try {{:#view.data.yourattribute}}.

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    Hi Anirudh, I want full object not attributes. by the above code i want userconnection object completely. – user2168081 Jun 20 '13 at 9:00
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    How do you want to display a complete object as the value of a checkbox? You can convert an object to a string or boolean, or get a boolean or string-valued property of the object. Otherwise the result will be a string conversion, like [object Object]. {{:myAttribute}} or {{:~myconverterhelper(#data)}} or {{myconverter:#data}} are all possible. #data is equivalent to #view.data. – BorisMoore Jun 20 '13 at 16:47

I had a requirement to render dynamically named properties of the current object in a loop. For this you can create a function to set current instance in your view model(object) and fetch a value of dynamically named property of the current instance by calling another function in your model. Please see my fiddle JsRender Dynamically Named Props. Inspiration: John Papa's fiddle.

    {{for markets}}  
        <td>{{:id}}</td> <td>{{:market}}</td>
        {{for #parent.parent.data.years}}      
        <td>{{:~GetYearPropFunc('min', #data)}} </td>
        <td>{{:~GetYearPropFunc('max', #data)}} </td>

Here is java script:

var vm = {
  years: years, 
  setInstance: function(){
    instance = this.data;
  getYearProp: function(text, year){
    if(!instance) return '';
    return instance[(text + year)] || '';
  GetYearPropFunc: vm.getYearProp,
  SetInstanceFunc: vm.setInstance
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To render the current object:

{{for #data }} 
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