If I am given an string which is the repsentation of an array of int like below

String d = "[2,3,4,5]"

How I convert to an array of string?

String[] f = convert d to array of String

Also how I convert to an array of int?

int[] f = convert d to array of int

I was looking for other solutions, since my values contained strings including dots in them and found this.

This code should work for you:


You can use Eval.me like so:

String[] f = Eval.me( d )*.toString()


int[] i = Eval.me( d )

Be careful though, as if this String is entered by a third party, it could do nasty things and is a huge security risk... To get round that, you'd need to parse it yourself with something like:

def simplisticParse( String input, Class requiredType ) {
  input.dropWhile { it != '[' }
       .drop( 1 )
       .takeWhile { it != ']' }
       .split( ',' )*.asType( requiredType )

String[] s = simplisticParse( d, String )
int[] i = simplisticParse( d, Integer )
  • Also should be noted that you say "groovy list" in the question title, but those are arrays, change String[] or int[] to List and you'll have a List of objects instead :-)
    – tim_yates
    Jun 20 '13 at 10:43

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