Is there any way to clear Recent Projects in Android Studio 0.1.1 ?

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    ok.. anyway i found a shortcut... goto below folder ; \android-studio\config\options [where \android-studio Folder has the studio.exe] and open other.xml in Notepad and look for the tags like.. <component name="RecentProjectsManager"> and open file options.xml and look for <property name="file.chooser.recent.files" value=""> tag.. Jun 20, 2013 at 8:09
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    You should add this as an answer, not comment, if it already solved your issue. Jun 20, 2013 at 14:16
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    Why doesn't Google just add a red [ X ] button in the top left of the "Recent Projects" list to clear the list ? Additionally right-clicking an item in the box exposes an option to "Remove from List" ... ideas like this are not rocket science Mar 11, 2015 at 18:30

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All at once? No, but you can hover your mouse over the project name e hit Delete on your keyboard.


I don't know if it existed or was added in the lastests version, but open any project and go to File > Reopen and select Clear List. Click OK on the confirmation dialog and next time you open AS the Recent Projects list should be blank.

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    On mac "fn" + Backspace/Delete
    – powder366
    Sep 2, 2013 at 7:13
  • On the Mac with Android Studio 1.1.0, it's [ File ] -> [ Open Recent] -> [ Clear List ] Mar 11, 2015 at 18:33

Focus on the list > Ctrl+A > Del > OK.

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    for me, this is the best answer. You can remove individual records this way, which I was needed
    – serggl
    Feb 25, 2015 at 18:34

In new Android Studio 2018 this feature is made even better
File -> Open recent
and at the de-e-ep bottom of the showed up projects list, please activate: ->Manage projects

Now you are able to delete any of them on your choice by clicking on crosses of the items.


On Mac OS X :

  1. On "Welcome to Android Studio" Screen

  2. On the Right Side List "Recent Projects" just hover over the Project you want to clear (do not click)

  3. Now press Delete, thats it!

Find Source here


Note, this solution is for a newer version of Android Studio than the poster requested. I'm adding this solution, since this is the first link that comes up on Google.

I'm running Android Studio 1.5 on Windows 7, and none of the above solutions worked. The only way I was able to remove projects from the recent list was by modifying the recentProjects.xml file. I found it at C:\Users\{user name}\.AndroidStudio1.5\config\options\recentProjects.xml

I just deleted all the option tags of the projects I didn't want. The structure looks like:

  <component name="RecentProjectsManager">
    <option name="recentPaths">
        <option value="XXX>

On Windows:

Android Studio 2.3.3

File -> Close Project close all the project which is opened now. By close project you will directed to Welcome to Android Studio page with list of projects in the recent list.

Just mouse over the project you want to delete and click the close button to remove the project from recent list.enter image description here


Go to file in Android Studio, hover mouse on "Open Recent" and go to the end of list. At the end, click "Manage Project. A list of projects will be displayed. Select desired project by pressing Control and select the desired projects to be deleted. After selection right click on selected projects and click " Remove Selected from Welcome Screen".

Selection can be done by pressing shift and selecting project on top of the list and clicking at the end of list and remove as stated above.


Easiest way, at least with 2.0 and further versions: select the first item and afterwards select the last one on the list, so all of them will slightly change colour, and then right-click mouse and select delete all from the menu.


step :1 File -> Close project ->

the left side we have all recent projects Step:2 select single or Multiple projects ->Remove the selection from the welcome screen

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