I have a working Selenium IDE script that is working using this code:

 getEval |      this.page().findElement('xpath=//html/body/div[18]/div[9]/div[2]/div/div[9]/div[2]/center/div/div/div[2]/div/span/span/a').removeAttribute('target')

I then exported the entire test case as a Junit test case. The command for the getEval was not included with the export. I tried the following code:

if (driver instanceof JavascriptExecutor) {
    js = (JavascriptExecutor)driver;


When running this line of code, I get and exception: page is not defined

I have also tried:

sel = new WebDriverBackedSelenium(driver, driver.getCurrentUrl());

The Junit test crashes when this line in ran, and the test case fails. I was wondering if I am sending the correct javascript script or if there is another, better, way of doing such a Selenium command through java.

I am using java 6 and Selenium 2.33.0

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Why don't you try selenium webdriver API or selenium 2.0 ? It is a better way if you want to write more complicated tests. You can see some examples here: http://docs.seleniumhq.org/docs/03_webdriver.jsp#selenium-webdriver-api-commands-and-operations

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